MSCI ESG Rate 8,500 companies globally,MSCI ESG Rate collect thousands of data points for each company by artificial intelligence (AI)

Sustainalytics’ ESG Risk Ratings Key Issues


Corporate Branding

Investor Relations / Public Relationship / Corporate Social Responsibility

# Sing for our Planet Virtual Concert

10 superstars, 10 new creative public welfare singles, Chinese and English bilingual versions, broadcast simultaneously on major streaming media platforms, and pay tribute to the global epidemic resistant heroes

Big data from financial reports, accurate placement of IG, Facebook, Youtube, Google ads

Taking action on integrated SDGs Goal 9

ESG Organic T-Shirt

Taking action on integrated SDGs Goal 6

ESG Water and sanitation

Taking action on integrated SDGs Goal 6

ESG Dance

Taking action on integrated SDGs Goals

SDGs 17 goals Official Square Traditional Chinese Version

SDGs Awareness

ESG Campaign Photography and Filming

SDGs Campaign Photography&Filming

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