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Case Study

"2020 Happy New Year! Let's all jump together!" The dancers on the stage, performing cool dances, interpreted 17 SDG sustainable goals, and encouraged to the audience at the same time: Jump! jump!

In early 2020, a private company based in New York, USA, invited Red Advertising to co-organize an SDGs conference. Before the meeting, we planned a dance performance called "Dancing SDGs".

The unique "Dancing SDGs" performance combined the vibrant impression of New York City, multi-ethnicity and SDGs 17 topics. The marketing campaign is to keep your eyes open.

A lady who attended the conference said that “It is fantastic! I have participated in numerous SDG meetings, and I have never seen the organizers present the theme of serious SDGs in a dancing manner."

Another New York government official said, "Awesome! This is the symbol of New York vitality, and this performance makes me proud of the incredible inclusiveness of New York City."

Red Advertising thanks to our clients for their favor. We will continue to launch a bunch of creativity and impressive campaigns focus on SDGs marketing activities to attracting millennial consumers looking forward to sustainable business operations. Let's jump together in 2020!

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