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What Is MSCI? MSCI is an acronym for Morgan Stanley Capital International.

MSCI ESG Rate 8,500 companies globally,MSCI ESG Rate collect thousands of data points for each company by artificial intelligence (AI).

MSCI ESG Rate have huge an extensive data that we collect about half of the data is 
(a.) 10k filings (b.) the website (c.)  third-party sources 

MSCI ESG Rate don't take the company's word only,
because they're not gonna say we discriminate against woman right or
company pollute rivers they're not gonna say that.

so half of the data that we use for ratings is actually the the it's actually obtained through third-party sources 
for example we're one of the largest information that understand any kind of lawsuit.

The message is from Henry Fernandez, CEO of MSCI

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MSCI ESG Ratings Industry Materiality Map

ESG Industry Materiality Map

MSCI ESG Ratings provide an assessment of the long-term resilience of companies to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Our ESG Industry Materiality Map is a representation of the current Key ESG Issues and their contribution to companies' ESG Ratings. It is part of our ESG Ratings transparency initiatives, through which we have made ESG Ratings of companies and funds accessible to the public.

Explore the 37 MSCI ESG Key Issues Table

How MSCI collecting ESG data?

  1. Specialized  government data sets
  2. Specialized academic data sets
  3. NGO, other stakeholder sources regarding specific companies.
  4. 1600+media searches。

Specifically, what kind of data should be disclosure on the key issues of climate change for MSCI ESG Rate?

  1. Baseline Year
  2. Target Year
  3. %Reduction
  4. Short Target Description
  5. Target Scope (Scope 1, 2 or 3)
  6. Category (Absolute emissions or Intensity)
  7. Source (URL)
  8. Science-based target* (Y/N)


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