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When listed companies or government agencies hold various SDGs Chinese 17 target activities, they wear the high-grade organic cotton T-Shirt that is friendly to the earth.

It will meet the following UN SDGs Goals and Indicators (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals):

SDGs Goal 1. End poverty in all its forms everywhere

SDGs Goal 8. Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

SDGs Goal 9,SDGs Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

SDGs Goal 12. Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

SDGs Goal 13. Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

SDGs Goal 14. Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development


2020 French (Haute Couture) customs clothing the latest version for the early spring.

The American designer in Los Angeles, USA, personally designed and designed the French high-end uniform.

The top fashion brand T-Shirt version.

Design and craftsmanship rival the French premium custom brand.

Luxury, modernity, and style.

Europe's top fashion brand OEM (OEM), world-class top quality process.

Suitable for sensitive skin.

Add 10% premium Lycra elastic fiber for an unprecedented level of comfort, just like your second skin.

The neckline and the body are the same pieces of fabric, extending the high-quality fashion T-Shirt 80% neckline during use.

Dressed in versatile, everyone's wardrobe should have a high-quality fashion T-Shirt.

The same size as the French high-end fashion brand, male and female sizes. From Europe and America to Asians, you can find the most ideal size.

Ten thousand people voted for the most wanted Christmas and New Year's gifts.

100% honest organic fine cotton material.

Support local agriculture through Fairtrade.


90%: 80 lines organic fine cotton, Europe imported from Europe 80 lines organic fine cotton, Taiwan organic fine cotton.
10%: Advanced Lycra elastic fiber, imported from the United States


The American designer in Los Angeles, USA, personally designed based on French Haute Couture, and the Taipei designers also participated in the design discussion process

Manufacturing Location

Made In Taiwan


The same size as the French fashion brand, male and female sizes.
From Europe and America to Asians, you can purchase the most ideal size here.

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cm in
US Size
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Chest width
Clothing length
Unit Chest width Clothing length Sleeve Shoulder

Unit Chest width Clothing length Sleeve Shoulder

Unit Chest width Clothing length Sleeve Shoulder

Unit Chest width Clothing length Sleeve Shoulder

Unit Chest width Clothing length Sleeve Shoulder

Unit Chest width Clothing length Sleeve Shoulder

Unit Chest width Clothing length Sleeve Shoulder


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Open 80 combed organic fine cotton material proof.

Production and sales resume: From cotton origin to end products, we expect to launch production and sales resumes for real-time shooting, film, cotton field farmers, Europe, and the top fashion brand foundry manufacturing process. It is expected that on December 30, 2020, the production and sales history of the world's only high-end fashion apparel organic cotton T will be officially announced. We will prove to the world that high-end fashion and fair trade (Fairtrade) honesty will coexist.

It is expected to launch in 2021, a journey of production and sales of a high-end fashion organic cotton T-Shirt. Leading listed corporate groups and government agencies, accompanied by professional travel agencies and interpreters, traveled to the United States and France to launch a trip to all previous production and sales resumes, witnessing the origin of organic cotton fields in the United States and the French high fashion design process.

Fairtrade, Responsible organic ingredients, in addition to the certificate, we let you see it!

SDGs 2030 Goal

Circular Economy A: Packaging materials will be recycled with 100% recycling by 2030.

Circular Economy B: Recycle 50% of our customers wear ingress t-Shirts after a year, disassemble the fabric and make them into refined handicrafts, such as custom-made, unique eco-friendly bags or handbags.

Into the local organic cotton production area, the target is to increase the yield of organic cotton in Taiwan by 200% by 2019.

From Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) to Original Design, ODM. At that time, the top fashion brand buyers in Europe and the United States, entrusted to us, from design to manufacturing, and Europe and the United States top fashion brand buyers global marketing and end sales.

Welcome to join us in the practice of SDGs 17 goals, so that the world can witness Taiwan's creativity.

Stand on the United Nations world stage, we are ready!

Customer Satisfaction

"Extreme luxury"

"Unbelievable touch"

"There is finally a flat neckline T"

"Very stylish tailoring"

"I use the latest iPhone 11 Pro and wear this T-Shirt. This is the attitude I want to live."

"The texture is even better than the high-end European and American brands I bought before."

"Put it on, it looks advanced"

"A good T-Shirt, just as hard as a good lover, now I found it."

"In order to put on this T-Shirt figure, I will work harder and eat more regularly."

"I noticed that the T-Shirt's rear hem is slightly longer than the front. It's a unique design."

"Moderate thickness, incredible comfort"

"It seems that I am tailor-made for my size"

"I want to wear this dress every day."

"Is there any other color to be introduced in the future? I have already begun to look forward to it"

"I bought oversize and bought a more fit size. When I attend different occasions, I can wear a different fashion."

"Best example of minimalism in the 21st century"

"Hello's big star privately dressed up with a pigment T and jeans, street shooting is very fashionable, this is the dream of my dreams."

"An indescribable thickness ratio, soft and thick, very comfortable"

"Black and white T-Shirt in my closet, only this one is left"

"Organic cotton? Fashion and environmental protection, it seems to be a good idea"

" It is a Magic T-shirt"

10,00 days of clinical trials confirmed that more than 10,000 people worldwide witnessed, 100% satisfied with wearing comfort and fashion sense.

Feb 13 2020

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