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What Is FTSE 100? FTSE 100 is an acronym for Financial Times Stock Exchange 100.

History of the FTSE 100

History of the FTSE 100

The financial time stock exchange 100 or FTSE 100 index of stocks began with a base level of 1000 back in 1984 and it’s a list of the hundred most valuable companies in the UK.
The financial time stock exchange 100,又稱FTSE100的股票始於1984年的基準水平1000,它是英國百家最有價值公司的名單。

Within five months of its beginnings, it was trading almost eight points lower but then soon moved higher as the indexes adopted as a benchmark of British stocks.

The first big test was the so called big bang in October 1987.
第一個重大考驗發生在1987年10月,又稱"Big Bang"

A reference to the deregulation of the financial markets, the index fell just over a third during the month bottoming out at 1515.

The index didn't recover until March 1991 as the UK emerged from recession and consumers began to see some relief from base lending rates at 13%. 

Black Monday in September 92, when the then Conservative government was forced to withdraw the pound from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism saw the footsie gain 15% between the 16th and 25th of the month.

Exporters benefitting from an unprecedented drop in the value of sterling.

Apart from a 19 percent correction during 94, when Alan Greenspan raised U.S. rates at an unprecedented pace.
除了在94年期間19%的小幅下跌,因Alan Greenspan以前所未有的速度提高了美國的利率。

And a 25 percent correction in the summer of 1998, in the wake of the financial crisis in Asia, 

It was then to make a series of record highs through until the dot-com crash. where more than half the value of the footsie 100 was wiped out between January 2000 and March 2003.
然後,在創造了一系列創紀錄的高點,直到網路泡沫化。 在2000年1月至2003年3月期間,富時100指數的一半以上被蒸發了。
Despite a recovery up to the financial crash in October 2007, where the FTSE 100 loss to 48 percent over a 17 month period, the index was not able to achieve a new record Heinz till March 2015, that new high had been over 15 years incoming.

Another period of on concerns about failing growth in China between April 2015 and February 2016 then gave way to more record highs a central bank easing method stocks offered the best returns over most other asset classes.

Finally and most recently was the brexit shock.

This saw a sharp fall by an eleven and a quarter percent margin.

And that an 18 percent rise all the way to 6,600 just in a few days.

But where now?  well that may depend on when and how far central banks start to withdraw liquidity from the markets.
但現在該去哪? 這可能取決於央行何時以及在多大程度上開始從市場撤回流動性。

However, some fundamental analysts will say there are potentially far more serious events on the horizon for the equity markets.


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