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Nasdaq ESG Testimonial: Karsten Lauritzen (1)

Nasdaq ESG Testimonial: Karsten Lauritzen

Nasdaq ESG Testimonial: Karsten Lauritzen

What ESG trends do you currently see in the Nordics? How do they compare to the US? Why?
您目前在北歐看到的ESG趨勢是什麼? 他們與美國相比又是如何? 為什麼?

If you compare the Nordics and the US, you do see that it’s lot more normal in the mark to look at what is a carbon footprint of what you buy in the supermarket to have a public discussion, not just a few places but in all of the society about how do we create sustainable, it’s much more normal.
如果你比較北歐和美國,你會發現,你會在超市購買商品時查看他的碳足跡是很正常的一件事情。並且可以 進行公開的討論,不僅僅是在一些地方,而是在整個社會都很關心我們如何創造可持續發展的世界,這對我們來說是很正常的。

Where in the US, I think there’s a lot of Americans they’re right now focus on, you know, how they improve their everyday lives and perhaps less focus on how do we make sure the next generation are having the same opportunity live in the globe as we’re having.

But if we are to achieve sustainability in the world, we need to work together, we need to have the most important and powerful country both of when it comes to military and economy to work on that agenda.

And in the long one, that’s in everybody’s interests especially they are rigion American.


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