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世界銀行用大數據執行 SDGs 17 目標 中文字幕版

World Bank Data Innovation for the SDGs

World Bank Data Innovation for the SDGs

The data revolution is driving innovative ways to use real-world data for better insights and actions towards achieving the sustainable development goals.

At the World Bank, the revolution is well underway. 

Hundreds of projects are using big data tools and technologies to help government's reimagine solutions to strengthen policy and improve service delivery.

We are supporting Haiti to use insights, from mobile phone records, to better connect urban residents, to jobs, services and economic opportunities.

We are supporting the Philippines to work with local governments to use GPS location data from taxis to reduce traffic congestion and improve key services like emergency response. 

We are supporting India and soon globally to use nighttime satellite imagery to monitor and ensure the electrification of rural areas.

We are supporting Uganda by working with the National Statistical Office to use satellite data for reliable and real-time insights.

This is helping improve crop productivity of smallholder farmers.

We are partnering with South Korea to help over 20 countries learn from South Korea's experience in using big data through interactive workshops discussions and study tours.

Participants have learned how to apply these lessons for better performance in sectors like health transport and agriculture.

In each of these cases, robust data analysis was possible, because we use both traditional sources of data and big data.

The information that is buried in traditional data is quintessential to ground rules and gleaning accurate insights from big data analytics.

Big data brings new opportunities but also presents the set of unique challenges.

The World Bank is a valuable partner to help build, boost, and broker capabilities that governments need to put big data in action for the SDGs.

Our expertise in traditional development data is essential to validate insight strong from big data sources and develop new standards.

Our experience developing data norms and standards can help address security ethics and privacy concerns.

Our technical and sector expertise ensures that data solutions are relevant robust and customized to local context. 

Our world-class knowledge and learning can support capacity building and local integration of evidence-based solutions.

The World Bank Group can help promote public-private collaboration that enable responsible access to private sector data, and that crowd in public-private resources and expertise to accelerate progress on the 2030 agenda.

Together we can disrupt business as usual.

Join the data revolution!


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