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Why This Film? - 'The True Cost'

Why This Film? 'The True Cost'

Well, I’m young enough that you know I’ve kind of grown up in a world of fast fashion.
Some of the major brands and outlets have been a part of the way I buy clothing since I was a little kid.

I never really stopped to think about where the clothes came from or where they went after they’re with me or at all who was making them and how those people’s lives were affected.

And I’ll never forget picking up the New York Times the day after the factory collapse in Rana Plaza and seeing this image of these huge wall of missing person signs and these two boys walking by it and reading this article about how you know in our modern world these people were making clothing for major Western brands that I knew and frequented all the time 
我永遠不會忘記在Rana Plaza工廠倒塌後的第二天拾起《紐約時報》,看到這些巨大的失踪人員標誌牆的圖像,以及這兩個男孩走過它,並閱讀這篇文章,了解您在我們這裡的了解 在現代世界中,這些人一直在為我一直認識並經常光顧的西方主要品牌製作服裝

And you know that was being crushed and burned alive and that it wasn’t the only incident and that it was one of many and that there was this whole story 

So I think when I got into the subject you know I didn’t come from the background of fashion or design or any those things 

I just came into it and said this is insane like this is a crazy part of our world and It’s horrifying that I have never heard of it like how did I live this long in my life without even considering something as basic as where my clothes came from 
我剛進入它時就說這是瘋狂的,因為這是我們世界中一個瘋狂的部分,令人震驚的是我從未聽說過它,就像我一生中活到現在,甚至沒有考慮衣服的基本來源 從

And for me, as I began to ask some of those very basic questions like who made this?and where did they make it?and what’s their life like and is it better or is it worse because of it 
對我來說,當我開始問一些最基本的問題時,例如誰做的? 他們在哪裡製造的? 他們的生活是怎樣的,是因為它而變得更好還是更糟

And you know it just began to open all these doors that led to making the film because think what I found is that you know while I hadn’t asked some of those questions that there’s really a lot of us that haven’t asked some of those questions

So the film is not a guilt trip and it’s not one of those like downer you know things that we’ve all seen before it’s really just an invitation and say hey there’s something really important in the world you’ve not considered

You are a part of something integral just by buying clothes and as simple as just opening our eyes and hearts to this idea that there are hand physical human hands that touch the things that we wear and those hands are lives and they matter 

I think that’s what really exciting that’s my hope for the film is that we get to just kind of broaden this conversation and we get to take what’s been a very focused part of the industry or what’s been a very academic field of study and say hey broadly and in the real world let’s take seriously this idea that when we buy something it is a moral act and there are chain reaction of consequences 
我認為那是我真正希望這部電影令人興奮的地方,就是我們可以擴大對話範圍,並且可以選擇行業中非常關注的領域或學術領域,並廣泛地說 在現實世界中,讓我們認真對待這個想法:當我們購買某種東西時,這是一種道德行為,並且後果之間存在連鎖反應

So let’s begin to be more mindful and choose things that actually support life and not take it away.

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