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Documentary 'The True Cost' Behind the Scenes

Documentary 'The True Cost' Behind the Scenes

I think the first conversation I had with Michael Ross was my producer was really can we make this film you know 

I mean it was so much bigger than anything that we had ever done before it was so much more global 

That I think some of the initial conversations were like are we crazy for going after this you know

Like can we actually pull this off this was a real opportunity for us to say like this is like a doorway to these huge problems that we can't begin to really get our heads around 

Which are global poverty and inequality and environmental destruction and here is this the single industry 

This is a great path to go down with a viewer to begin to explore some of these bigger bigger areas and to allow us to begin to challenge and question some of the norms of the way things that are done 

The heart from the beginning was like this is a film about connecting a bunch of pieces that we kind of vaguely know are true of the world 

But we've never seen them all put together you know these things that have been disconnected up

Until now in your mind let's connect them you know let's take something like buying a t-shirt at the mall and let's connect that to these things all the way over here that you never had thought of before

I think so many times you know the film is very heavy but I think behind you know behind the scenes and with all the people that we interacted with including Shima and Sofia 

There were just mass amounts of laughter 

Michael what have you been doing

We had so many moments joking about food and you know back and forth and all these things and so I think in a lot of ways like humor carried us through

The three of us who kind of made up the core of the team you know we have help in these countries but we it was the three of us 

I couldn't have made the film with anyone else you know 

I couldn't have sustained the number of challenges physical mental emotional that we went through 

I'm a perfectionist like nature which plays really well into production sound and starting this film after the first day in Bangladesh I realized that I had to throw that up 

These environments were not sound mixers friendly 

There are noisy fans there are honking horns every second of every day in these countries 

So I had to really figure out what was important for me to capture and what was not

We edited kaan throughout the whole time we were shooting on airplanes and trains and buses and almost any time we got 
The most challenging thing in the Edit was there are a lot of stories you could tell from the footage that we captured and there are a lot of different thing you could focus on or emphasize and

So I think finding a way to weave all these stories together into one cohesive story that makes sense that's inviting that's digestible that's challenging and also memorable 

You finally get to a stage one day where something clicks something works and you realize that the film that you thought and wanted and have been hoping that you would make it

So the exciting part about that is then that you know you've been working with at that point we were working with rough audio the footage is just it's all flat, it's not shot you know it's not it doesn't have any color depth or anything 
因此,令人興奮的部分是,您知道當時您正在與我們一起處理粗糙的音頻,素材都是平坦的,不是拍攝的,您知道不是不是沒有任何色彩深度或 任何東西

And so then you begin to bring in these other people really creating a dynamic so that it's not just one consistent level throughout the film and also creating a believable realm that you're in 

Because we're in so many different places and so many different environments I needed to make it seem as cohesive as possible but also have it dynamic 

The sounds sort of came out of experiment and also I think a lot of it is just accident you know you 

You just keep searching for things and throwing things against a picture and until something like oh wow that really works and there was 

I remember there was one specific scene the Rana Plaza scene where it was kind of like you know I think we went back and forth a couple of times until there was a specific sound we found 
我記得在Rana Plaza場景中有一個特定的場景,就像您知道的那樣,我想我們來回走了幾次,直到找到特定的聲音
That just sort of like wow that really captures exactly what like this abandoned lost 

The first time you hear that music being played by a real Orchestra it's pretty special so you know they're at the actual session 

We have you know we have the picture up on the screen then we have the whole orchestra you know out on the stage and then we're able to watch it back with the picture as they're playing 

And kind of see the whole thing come together in that moment 

When you believe in a story being told it takes you to a different level when you believe in the content being created it really elevates you to excellence it makes you want to spend those extra hours and spend those extra days making it just perfect 

So you go I think you get more and more involved because you start to realize how especially this one how important these people's lives are 

And then you the more times you watch the more nuances you see and the more important these people's lives become to you 

It just starts to move you more and more and then it encourage you to encourages you to do more and try to do your best 

So for this one, it was pretty special 

We need to begin as a society and I'd like to see you know  I consider myself part of this it's like raising these voices and these questions up to the mainstream 

Because I think there are these things that part of what we uncover on the film that is just never questioned 
In our you know childhood or Society and they go into all areas of industry I mean they affect our work-life they find all the products we buy 

And so how do we raise that conversation and I think the film is really the first step in that way and I think it's a great way for people to you know really spend 92 minutes of their life and to really feel like I hope it leads them on their own journey
因此,我們如何進行對話,我認為這部電影確實是第一步,我認為這是一個很好的方式,讓人們用92分鐘了解他們生活,並真的希望我能帶領他們 在自己的旅程中

Our world is made up by people men and women everyday people who make choices and those choices both big and small serve to lead us in a direction that becomes history 

And I think we think very passively sometimes I think for me growing up I lived too long in this narrative that has seen myself as a consumer and I have seen myself as a someone on the sidelines of history

Someone that's simply observing or taking in things I think walking away from this film it's like I have just this heightened sense of both the gift and the honor that my life is and I hope that I use that gift well 

And I hope that people watching a film like this I hope that what this film gives them is an invitation to be a part of making the kind of role


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