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Leonardo DiCaprio On Amazon Fire

Leonardo DiCaprio On Amazon Fire

Leonardo DiCaprio On Amazon Fire

Having been to the Amazon having stayed there and knowing not only the importance that it is for stabilizing climate 


But the beauty of biodiversity and the cultures that live there 


It it's incredibly tragic I think that I immediately felt depressed and I felt like a lot of people that I connected with wanted to take action 


So that's why Earth Alliance and myself and our partner's Jobs and Brian Sheth wanted to make an immediate contribution

這就是為什麼地球聯盟和Jobs 以及 Brian Sheth 想要立即開始行動

To start the ball rolling and do something proactive in hopes that other people get involved 


There's a major tragedy going on in the world worldwide because of climate change forest fires


And what's going on in the Amazon which is really the lungs of the earth is vital to protecting us in the future


They've got to do a lot more I think the president's got to do a lot more 


We must protect this vital landscape 


Not only is it home to so much amazing biodiversity 


But it's really the lungs of the planet 


Like I said and governments around the world including Brazil need to work together to make sure this doesn't continue 


I am planning on going back 


I stayed with the Xingu tribe there when I went 


And what's vital to protecting these forests  is to protect the indigenous cultures 


They're the people that are on the frontlines protecting the forests are the locals


And that's what worth Alliance is committed to helping fund 


Are those people on the ground that have been living in coexisting with these forests for four generations and they're the ones that we need to support in this in a very turbulent time


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