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Red Advertising® installation art : SDGs 2020 Angel Wings Let Love Fly

Red Advertising® installation art : SDGs 2020 Angel Wings Let Love Fly

Recently, the wall of a listed industry in Taipei has added an "SDGs2020 Angel Wing", and this installation art has instantly become the company's hot photo spot. SDGs is a plan launched by the United Nations. It is scheduled to reach 17 Sustainable Development Goals campaigns (UN SDGs 17 Goals) by 2030. This public benefit plan has been responded by governments and businesses around the world.

This nearly 300-centimeter-high SDGs angel wing is hand-painted by Nathan Su, a Red Advertising® 22-year-old young artist who has just returned from the United States. He uses the SDGs official color chart to outline 17 colors of wing feathers.

He explained the inspiration for creation. The earth has different dimensions of space. This pair of SDGs angel wings will break through the limitation of time and space, flashing fearless light, emerging incomparable strength and firm belief, and also showing strong tolerance and vitality, leading the millennial generation to continue to Fly bravely.

Just as the millennial artist created, his sister died of illness. Nathan Su said that he hopes that with this painting, dedicated to the young people all over the world, everyone can have angelic strength and open their wings, and all the sad people in the world will no longer be sad and will fly with wings. The dawn of 2020 is slightly bright, letting love accompany the people around, giving each other strength to move forward together.

With this installation art, Red Advertising®  wish you a life full of joy and happiness in 2020.